EU 2020 from the Small and Medium Enterprises’ Perspective

Anna Masłoń-Oracz

The EU trade contributes to developing and maintaining working places in the long term perspective. Trade influences life of every EU citizen, businessman, family. While taking this into consideration and the fact that ‘EU is struck by what probably is the worst crisis in its history’1 changes in EU trade policy play an important role in both sustaining and improving Europe’s position on the international arena. Potentially, the EU 2020 policy objectives of achieving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and of creation of working places could be reached by deepening EU trade policy [SEC 2010]. But this will not happen if the established rules of running business across the EU won’t be accessible to all, simple and efficient. Attempting to answer how small and medium enterprises may benefit from EU 2020 regulation is not the objective of this paper. Nor does this paper measure all the aspects of entrepreneurship influencing competitiveness or economy.