Warsaw School of Economics (Poland) – SGH

SGH Warsaw School of Economics is the oldest university of economics in Poland and one of the leading universities of economics in Europe. SGH was founded in 1906 as the first public university of economics and management in Poland. It maintains close links with business community that facilitate conducting research projects. Warsaw School of Economics conducts research in various areas of economics, finance, management and business administration as well as in public policy and political science. SGH is ranked Poland’s top research university in economic sciences, with the grade of excellency awarded by Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The research activity concentrates in the institutes, chairs and departments comprised in five Collegia. Annually about two thousand alumni graduate from the SGH. Every year SGH organises over 40 local & international seminars and conferences on different current economic and social topics.

SGH’s researchers are engaged in projects financed through competitive tenders by National Science Centre, National Centre for Research and Development along with all financing schemes for science from European Union. SGH is experienced in carrying out different types of projects and has carried out 67 fundamental research projects financed by National Science Centre (2011-2016); 27 projects financed from Structural Funds. SGH has been involved in carrying out 6th and 7th Framework Programme grants (eight grants within each of the Programme), and is involved in Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+ projects a partner.

The project will be located at the Department of Policy in Education and Scientific Research of the Collegium of Socio-Economics. The most important feature of the Collegium of Socio-Economics is its interdisciplinary approach to both the research and educational offer proposed by the employees with respect to all academic titles, types and fields of studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. The research issues of the unit are related to i. a. theory of economics, public and social policy, including educational policy, sociology, micro- and macroeconomics, regional and local economy. In the research work of the Collegium there are strongly represented topics of functioning of the labour markets, industrial relations and equipping people with the right skills at different educational levels.

The Collegium is an important authoritative and expert centre on a global and European scale. Additionally, the employees of the Collegium hold important positions in political and economic arenas in Poland as well as in the European institutions. They offer their knowledge and advice to international organisations as well as economic and financial institutions both domestic and abroad. It should be underlined that researchers of the Collegium established excellent cooperation with key educational stakeholders: HE institutions and private training providers as well as employers’ associations, trade unions and chamber of industries. Researchers of the Collegium developed also strong links with the educational decision makers at the national as well as European level and have been actively involved in the social debates on modernising VET, HE and lifelong learning systems in Poland.