ECSA Moldova is a professional association uniting researchers and professors who specialise in EU studies. ECSA Moldova comprises research centres with distinct responsibilities in promoting EU studies:

  • Centre for European Integration History;
  • Centre for European Legal Studies;
  • Centre for European Economic Studies;
  • Centre for European Human Rights;
  • Centre for European Intercultural Dialogue;
  • Centre for European Information and Communication.

ECSA Moldova publishes twice a year the “European Studies” Journal, research studies and information newsletters.

ECSA Moldova has become a pole of EU knowledge in the country and in the region. Its members constitute a platform for promoting EU studies at national and transnational levels. ECSA Moldova represents a bridge between the academics and other stakeholders such as public policy-makers / professional groups / civil society. ECSA Moldova is a multiplier of EU knowledge, information, practices, values and culture in the Eastern Partnership. ECSA Moldova members have brought research results, facts, practices and experiences to a broad spectrum of end-users at national and transnational levels in communicating EU subjects.

ECSA Moldova members have experience and expertise in implementing EU projects with local stakeholders and external partners. ECSA Moldova promotes EU studies by means of open resources publicising facts about the European Union among a wider public, including its website. Having an interdisciplinary character, ECSA Moldova is open to multiple beneficiaries and is representative of EU studies global community.